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Social Clubs gather people online and onsite for a variety of activities. Social Clubs are free and open to anyone with a profile on You do not need a paid membership to participate.

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  • Group logo of Administrators


    Public Social Club

    School and higher-education administrators gather here to provide collegial support. They share best practices on a wide range of topics such as setting policies, overseeing finances, managing personnel, moderating disciplinary proceedings, coordinating extracurricular activities, communicating with parents and stakeholders, and upholding accreditation standards.

  • Group logo of Attorneys


    Public Social Club

    Education law attorneys gather here to provide collegial support for lawyers who may work for school districts, higher education institutions, or private organizations, and they may also represent individual students or families in education-related legal matters. They work on a wide range of topics, such as school finance and funding, student rights and discipline, school policy and governance, special education and accommodations for students with disabilities, academic freedom and free speech, discrimination and civil rights violations, and teacher and staff contracts. They may also represent clients in administrative hearings, negotiations, and court proceedings, and they may also advise clients on compliance with state and federal education laws.

  • Group logo of Journalists


    Public Social Club

    Education writers gather here to cultivate resources for journalists who report on education law. They may work for print, online, or broadcast media outlets, and they may cover a wide range of legal issues related to K-12 and postsecondary institutions, such as public policy and education reform efforts, curriculum and instructional practices, funding and governance, student achievement and academic performance, teacher development and training, school choice, and discrimination.

  • Group logo of Professors


    Public Social Club

    Professors are postsecondary educators who gather to support one another at every level, from adjuncts, and professors of practice, to tenure-track to tenured to emeritus professors. They may work for private or public institutions in various departments within Law Schools and Schools of Education. They teach and conduct legal research on various topics, in K-12 and colleges and universities, including student and teacher rights and responsibilities, special education, school safety and governance, school choice, school finance, and civil rights.

  • Group logo of Public Officials

    Public Officials

    Public Social Club

    Public officials gather to provide one another with collegial support. They include elected or appointed officials setting policies and making decisions related to education at the local, state, or national level. They may be school board members, state legislators, or federal education officials. They explore a wide range of subjects, including setting policies and budgets for schools and school districts, overseeing the implementation of education laws and regulations, and working with educators, administrators, and other stakeholders to develop and implement educational programs and initiatives. They participate in decision-making processes related to school governance, including hiring and evaluating staff and setting academic policies. Public officials may also be involved in industries related to education reform, such as promoting school choice or implementing new education technologies. They may work closely with other education leaders, such as school […]

  • Group logo of Students


    Public Social Club

    Students gather in this club to support learners at every level, including those enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and law school degree programs. Students may be conducting legal research, preparing to lead education institutions, or training to become education lawyers. They share information about scholarships, student research awards, publishing and service opportunities, internships, and jobs.

  • Group logo of Teachers


    Public Social Club

    Teachers in private and public K-12 schools gather here to provide collegial support to one another about a variety of legal issues. Topics may include teachers’ rights and responsibilities, employment law, curricula, state standards, and academic freedom. They explore other topics in education law through the lens of teachers’ lived experience, such as school finance, special education, school safety, student rights and discipline, and parents rights.

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