An important part of our mission is to recognize distinguished accomplishments in education law. This page describes our awards and past recipients. We welcome nominations and invite ELA members to get involved in committees. The Awards Committee provides overall management of the Education Law Association awards process and coordination among its several subcommittees responsible for managing nominations and selecting recipients of each of the following awards. 

June 1, 2024
July 31, 2024
September 8, 2024
September 15, 2024
September 22, 2024
September 29, 2024
October 27, 2023

Award Proposal Opens

Nominations officially accepted for the 2024 awards season. Create a free account at to submit an award nomination.

Award Proposal Closes

Nominations portal closed for the 2024 awards season.

Award Notices

The Awards Committee notifies awardees, issues coupon codes for conference registration, and explains the requirement for updating their profile on

Updated Profiles

Last day for awardees to update their profiles on Staff will use the awardee’s full name (prefix, first, middle, last, suffix), title, affiliation, headshot, and biography in promotional material.

Public Announcement

Staff announces award recipients on, newsletter, conference brochures, and mobile app.

Conference Registration

Last day for awardees to use the award coupon code to register for the annual conference. Doing so confirms their onsite participation in the awards ceremony.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will occur on Friday, November 8, during the 70th Annual Conference of the Education Law Association in Orlando, November 5-8. 

Latest News & Updates

Conference Proposals Submission Deadline

Reminder: The deadline to submit proposals for the 2024 conference is April 30, 2024.

Membership Auto-Renew Option

You now have the option to turn on/off auto-renew for your membership.