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Hello and welcome to the My Proposals page, where you can view an archive of proposals that you've submitted to the Education Law Association. Use the document icon to download a copy of your submission. Use the Status View to see whether the proposal is at the Publisher's Desk (staff support), Editor's Desk (lead decisionmaker), or Reviewer's Desk (blind peer reviewer). Do you have questions? Start a Live Chat at, email, or call (833) ELA-1954 (this number goes to my cell).

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Proposal Title Type Created StatusAdd noteActions
A University of the American Proposition: Academic Freedom, Individual Dignity, and Confident PluralismEventMarch 27, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Seeking Justice in a Politicized JudiciaryEventMarch 27, 2023At Publisher's Desk
TEST MELVIN EMAILSPeriodicalMarch 27, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
ESSA and Students in Foster Care: 7 Years LaterEventMarch 26, 2023At Publisher's Desk
TEST Nate testing Proposal Portal for the Education Law AssociationEventMarch 24, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Constitutional Analysis & School Finance LitigationEventMarch 23, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Recommendations for Implementing Culturally Responsive School Leadership to Reduce Black Student SuspensionsEventMarch 23, 2023At Publisher's Desk
MELVIN TEST NEW ARCHIVE METHODBookMarch 23, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Only the Educational Mission Justifies Academic FreedomEventMarch 22, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Ut a ad sit aliquaEventMarch 21, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Testing Nate. March 21. Numquam velit accusaEventMarch 21, 2023At Publisher's Desk
From Marginalization to Collaboration: New approaches to address educational inequities and maximize educational outcomes for multilingual/English learners and their familiesEventMarch 21, 2023At Publisher's Desk
How “Next-Gen Negligence” Is Redefining Administrative Decision-Making in Public EducationEventMarch 21, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Navigating Issues Involving Students with Mental and Emotional DisabilitiesEventMarch 20, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Title IX: Past, Present and FutureEventMarch 20, 2023At Publisher's Desk
testingEventMarch 20, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Tried and Testified: Special Educators’ Experience of Due Process HearingsEventMarch 17, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Revisiting Critical Legal Theory – State Level Policy ApplicationsEventMarch 16, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Test Melvin Albers 2.0AwardMarch 16, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Melvin's test proposalBookMarch 16, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Publishing in West’s Education Law ReporterEventMarch 15, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Test proposal Melvin AlbersEventMarch 7, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Linguistic Equity: Translator Use in California Special Education Due Process HearingsEventMarch 1, 2023At Publisher's Desk
Test Melvin AiwosAwardFebruary 16, 2023At Reviewer's Desk
Proposal Title Type Created StatusAdd noteActions