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Director of Language Learners

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Boone County Schools

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Walton, KY

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I began my career as a classroom teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio. My interest in education and pedagogy allowed me to build a service that is driven by my relentless pursuit to ensure equitable distribution of free education among citizens. I have utilized my educational qualifications, practical expertise and proactive mind-set to not just enhance the educational system within Boone County (Kentucky) and Cincinnati (Ohio) but also achieve exceptional learning outcomes from students. I have streamlined and optimized administrative capacities of various educational institutions through the mindful development, evaluation and implementation of learning programs, revised curriculum and pedagogy best practices. My expertise includes a thorough understanding of national and state laws and regulations, as well as extensive research, budget management, strategic planning and community building skills. I was previously responsible for directing World Language and English Learner programs in 26 schools. I am now a building principal at the elementary level.