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Putting children first, partnering in education excellence, and assisting school districts in setting direction through policy are Amanda Clapp, Esq.’s focus. She currently serves as President, Board Chair, and inside counsel at Neola, Inc. Neola provides policy services to more than 1500 school systems in Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Over the past 40 years, Neola has grown to become the preeminent source for current, legally-compliant Board bylaws and policies, administrative guidelines, and forms. Ms. Clapp and her team of highly skilled education and policy professionals help school system leaders successfully navigate Federal and State laws, court decisions, and guidance from regulatory agencies to develop and publish policy resources that serve local school communities and reflect best practices.


Ms. Clapp is the proud daughter of public school educators. She joined Neola in 2006, after graduating from Case Western Reserve Law School in Cleveland, Ohio – eagerly serving at the intersection of law and education. Ms. Clapp is licensed in both Ohio and Florida.

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