Brand Guide

Brand Guide

October 1, 2023

I. Colors

The Education Law Association uses Midnight Blue #150B58 and Pacific Blue #1A75BA as the primary color palette to convey strength, warmth, and vitality. The gradation of the two blues represents daybreak, our members’ collective leaning into the morning horizon.

Secondary colors include #A9ACB2 Silver Metallic and #E5E5E0 Light Grey to suggest security and stability. We use #FAFBFD White-Light Blue as the background color for all digital assets to ensure that a stark white is not too glaring against stark-black text, which is why we also introduce #1C1D1E Black Pearl for all text.

Midnight Blue

Pacific Blue

Silver Metallic

Light Grey

White-Light Blue

II. Fonts

The Education Law Association uses the Century Schoolbook font to nest its publications in the print culture of the U.S. Supreme Court to communicate longevity, authority, and familiarity (see Rule 33 in Rules of the Supreme Court of the United States). In print, the Education Law Association uses 11-point type with a 1.2 line spacing and justified paragraphs with footnotes spaced at 1.0 with 9-point type. 

There are three ways to access these fonts. First, Google Documents, Sheets, and Presentations come with the Century Schoolbook font. See tutorialSecond, Adobe and other software developers license the Century Schoolbook font. Third, you can install font files to your computer to use on MS Word and other files. For instance, access a copyright-free version from Valek Filippov—in Github, select Code > Download Zip and then install the fonts to your computer.

Disclaimer: The Education Law Association is not responsible or liable for users’ security or any potential risks associated with downloading paid or free licensed files.

III. Logos

In the spirit of hospitality and inclusivity, we designed the logos using the association’s full name because acronyms are foreign to nonmembers and convey a coded insider/outsider message. In this context, we will spell the association’s full name in all internal documents, publications, and public communications.

We use the nib of a calligraphy pen as our icon to convey that the Education Law Association is a learned society. The nib evokes images of the signatories of the Constitution and illustrates the power of the rule of law. It illustrates how the law is written and interpreted while also symbolizing schooling. The calligraphy pen conveys that the association’s work is timeless, and the movement of the pen and ink shows our work is timely. The horizontal line underscores the importance of the mission while decisively conveying that the association is grounded and balanced. The A’s without the horizontal line is an artistic flourish reminiscent of romance languages that invite the mind to focus longer on the association’s name. Overall, the logo provides a distinct but familiar image that uses the official font of the U.S. Supreme Court.

A. Primary Logo. Use the primary logo on all formal documents, such as letterhead, memos, publications, handouts, slide decks, and presentations.

  1. Primary logo, transparent color (PNG or SVG files)
  2. Primary logo, transparent white (PNG or SVG files)

B. Square Full Logo. Display the square logo on social media sites and in marketing materials. Conveying the name of the organization is the highest priority.

  1. White logo on daybreak blue (PNG and SVG files).

C. Banner Logo with Motto. Use the banner logo for electronic screens, such as Zoom waiting rooms, or a presentation’s opening or closing slide.

  1. Banner white logo on daybreak blue (PNG or SVG files).

D. Icon. Use the icon image sparingly. Display on small spaces like the Mobile App cover image or the web browser favicon.

  1. Square white icon on daybreak blue (PNG and SVG)
  2. Circle white icon on daybreak blue (PNG and SVG)
  3. Rectangle white icon on daybreak blue (SVG file)
  4. Rectangle transparent white icon (SVG file)

E. Cover Image. Display this image on profiles and groups on

  1. Cover Image, white logo on daybreak blue (PNG).

F. Email Header. Display this image in email newsletters sent using MailChimp or Active Campaign.

  1. Email header, white logo on daybreak blue (PNG)

G. Feature Mobile App. Display this image when advertising the mobile app.

  1. Feature Mobile App image, white logo on daybreak blue with iPhone images (PNG)
  2. Single Mobile App image (PNG)
  3. Link to Apple App Store listing
  4. Link to Google Play Store listing

IV. Document Templates

Download branded files for letters and presentations.

  1. Letterhead (.docx)
  2. PowerPoint slides (.ppt)

V. Brand Guide

Click on the three dots to download PDF.

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