A nonprofit member association, the Education Law Association offers its uniquely diverse membership unbiased information about current legal issues affecting education and the rights of those involved in education.

Purpose: The Education Law Association improves education by promoting interest in and understanding education law. This purpose shall be carried out by holding meetings for the presentation and discussion of education law issues, stimulating the teaching of education law, and issuing publications and other information on education law subjects. The Education Law Association shall serve as a clearinghouse for information on research and publications and provide other member-related services.

Mission: The Education Law Association is the premier forum for professionals interested in practical knowledge, scholarship, and interdisciplinary dialogue about legal and policy issues affecting education.

Vision: The Education Law Association will be known as the premier source of information on education law.

Members: The Education Law Association is a collegial community of scholars and practitioners, including professors, attorneys, students in undergraduate, graduate and law schools, as well as school and college/university administrators, advocates, consultants, public officials, and policy experts. The Education Law Association serves emerging, established, or retired professionals in public and private K-12 or postsecondary education and legal practice in education law. Members come from academic and policy organizations, legal firms, and public institutions. They are interested in practical knowledge, scholarship, and interdisciplinary dialogue about the intersection of education and legal systems, in the United States and worldwide.

Publications: The Education Law Association publishes books used as professional resources and textbooks, legal periodicals, updates about the field of education law, and newsletters for its members.

Meetings & Legal Education: holds an annual conference, webinars, and seminars and offers continuing legal education and professional development programs; maintains an online library of member resources; and, above all, provides a forum for professional networking and the collaborative development and sharing of knowledge.

For education professionals and legal advocates serving educational institutions or for other clients engaged with them, the Education Law Association has been an indispensable resource since 1954.