Using Ebooks


E-pubs are encrypted to prevent piracy. Users must download the free e-pub reader and run/install. Just click the icon at right and select the right reader for your computer. Your license will allow you to read your epub on two computers. For each computer the appropriate PDF reader must be installed. E-pubs are delivered via a download link which is e-mailed to you after your purchase is confirmed. Complete instructions are included. You'll be reading your new ebook within minutes of purchasing.

Please Note!

No returns will be made on digital products. No refunds will be made except under exceptional circumstances of technical malfunction.

Be aware that some of these products also are available as print versions. Print versions are separate book products which must be purchased separately; and you will be charged shipping. The price of the ebook is the same, but minus shipping. 

If there's any doubt that ebooks are for you, please install the ebook reader first. It works on any device which uses the Windows or Mac operating system. It is not yet for smartphones and mini tablets. It also may not work if you have a special-purpose, cloud-based device like the Google Chromebook.

If you're attempting to do this on an institutional or company computer, consult your IT Department first. Most employers forbid employees from installing software on their office computers. You may even be prohibited from downloading files. The employer has a strong vested interest in IT security and in regulating inappropriate use of computer hardware. Your most surefire course is to always use a personal device to buy and read our digital products.

Before you call us for support, please read our userguide.

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