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Fast-Track Reinstatement

Fast-Track Reinstatement

Forgot to pay your dues? Locked out of the website? Want to resume receiving all our publications ASAP? You don't have to go through the entire process of joining again. Right here, pay your back dues online and be reinstated now. Please allow for a little bit of processing time. Normally we'll reactivate your account within the hour of receiving your payment. In rare cases it may take up to one business day. We appreciate your cooperation and your patience. You are just a few clicks away from continuing your membership in Education Law Association.

Please note that this system is ONLY for people who have previously belonged to ELA. Are you considering becoming a new member? For information, please click on the "Membership Plans" button. Also please note that if your membership lapsed only recently, you still may be able to renew instantly via your membership account. Go to your account now.

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