Legal Problems of Religious and Private Schools (ebook)

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Ralph D. Mawdsley (2012) (6th Ed.)

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408 pages

Monograph #84 

ISBN 10: 1-56534-151-1

ISBN 13: 978-1-56534-151-7

The sixth edition of this book, first published thirty years ago by Dr. Mawdsley, updates legal issues facing religious and private organizations. Leaders in these organizations will find this book helpful in taking preventive measures to keep their schools out of court. The amount of litigation continues to increase for nonpublic organizations, and problems such as security and bullying that have become commonplace in public schools are becoming issues for nonpublic organizations as well. Background checks and better supervision of student conduct are becoming expectations, not only in nonpublic schools, but in other programs of religious organizations that address instruction for both children and adults on religious days. Nonetheless, private K-12 schools furnished the earliest education in the United States and continue to be the choice for quality education today as well.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Institution, Student, and Faculty Relationships: Constitutional and Contractual Considerations

Chapter 2: Tort Liability

Chapter 3: School Safety

Chapter 4: Special Education and Students in Nonpublic Schools

Chapter 5: Governing Board Responsibilities and Liability

Chapter 6: Governmental Regulation of Nonpublic Schools

Chapter 7: Federal Anti-Discrimination Legislation

Chapter 8: Special Problems

Chapter 9: Law Cases Notes and Questions

Table of Cases Index