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E-Learning Specialist

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I am a seasoned professional with 15+ years of teaching and instructional design experience in various sectors. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for administering all aspects of LMS systems, as well as for creating eLearning courses and leveraging feedback to improve curricula, I have a verifiable history of contributing directly to success throughout my career. Professional focal points include curriculum and instructional design, teaching, professional development, technology solutions, cross-functional team leadership, LMS administration and design, training material development, strategic planning, lesson planning, student development, process optimization, issue resolution, learning strategy, and project management. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective communication skills, analytical thinking skills, as well as business acumen, strategy development, information management, and resource management to support efficiency and maximum returns.

Currently, I am the LMS Administrator at ZERO TO THREE. I also administer all aspects of the LMS, including portal configuration, student registration, and yearly updates. Under my leadership, the platform has grown from fewer that 5,000 users to over 50,000 users. In addition to LMS administration, I liaise with senior leadership, stakeholders, and cross-functional teams to ensure the organization’s educational support structure is driving the business forward with maximum success. 

Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, down-to-earth, innovation and development expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver effective results on time and under budget.