Submit a Proposal

Submit a Proposal

Compilation Titles

Thank you for your interested in being published by the Education Law Association. We seek qualified members to serve as volunteer editors and authors in furtherance of our mission to be the premier source of information on education law.

If you are using this form, you are interested in participating as an editor or chapter author for one of ELA's compilation titles noted below. If seeking an editor position please submit a proposal which also includes information on suggested co-editors with whom you will work as a team.

Your proposal will be forwarded to a committee of reviewers who will consider the following, among other topics, in choosing the best team to work on the next edition: past experience in the area for which you are proposing, experience in the topic area, involvement in ELA, etc.

Since each title reflects different content and different needs, for the anticipated timeline of deadline for proposals, review and acceptance and notifications, due dates, and more please see the document linked to the most recent month's member material (where ELA Notes and School Law Reporter are posted). Work shall not commence until a written agreement is signed by all necessary parties.

However, please know that editor(s) are expected to communicate with and manage authors, receive and review manuscript submissions, edit and proof same within prescribed deadlines, and maintain communication with ELA staff. Chapter authors are expected to prepare a new manuscript or update an existing chapter using the latest resources available, writing to expand the knowledge base of the anticipated end user.

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