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Your proposal will be forwarded to a committee of reviewers who will consider the following, among other things:

  1. The publications must have general interest to those who work in education law. 
  2. The publication should be written from a personal or advocacy position, one that assists the reader. 
  3. The publication must be properly referenced usingThe Bluebook.
  4. Marketability. 
  5. The presentation of an initial manuscript is no guarantee that it will be accepted for publication. 
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1. Rationale - Describe the timeliness and significance of your topic. *
2. Audience - Describe the potential market / audience for this book/monograph (e.g., school attorneys, schools administrators, public school teachers, higher education professors). *
How does the proposal address the following (please complete each topic with as much detail as possible):
3. Scope - Describe the scope of the book/monograph and explain how comprehensive your treatment of the topic will be. *
4. Content - Outline and describe the topics and subtopics to be included in your book/monograph. Under each topic and subtopic, indicate what content will be descriptive and what will be analytic. *
5. Source Material - List and describe the specific primary and secondary sources upon which the book/monograph will draw. Indicate whether there will be original, empirical data and how up-to-date the material is. *
6. Knowledge Base - Describe your own knowledge base (experience, research) for this particular book/monograph, including any previous work you have done that is relevant to the content of the book/monograph. *
7. Special Materials - Describe any charts, tables, graphs, etc., that you plan to include in the book/monograph. *
8. Competing Works - List author, title, and publisher of any competing materials of which you are aware. Please indicate what gap your material would fill and why it would add to what is already available. *
9. Length and Schedule - Indicate the projected length of your book/monograph (double-spaced) and a realistic completion date. *
10. Tentative Title - Please indicate your working title and possible alternative titles that would be appropriate. *
11. Author - Include a resume and a list of prior publications. *
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