ELA Officer And Director

ELA Officer And Director

Nominate a colleague for the ELA Board

2019 Deadline: May 3, by or before 4 p.m. EDT


• The individual must be an ELA member in good standing and will have a number of responsibilities throughout his or her appointment.

• The individual must have exhibited a personal commitment to ELA (e.g., long-standing membership, regular attendance at conferences, contributions to ELA publications, recruitment of new members, presentations at conferences/seminars, or other ways that demonstrate support for ELA activities).

• The individual must have demonstrated leadership in education law. The individual must be able to devote the time, talent, and energy required for the position.

• Please include name, address, phone number, and email address of the nominee, as well as a description of how the nominee meets the criteria. Nominators must include their own name and contact information as well.

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