Officers and Board of Directors

Our board is comprised of education law professionals who set a course for success each year. This balanced group represents a stakeholder cross-section and is focused on the needs of the organization as a whole. The Board of Directors meets at the beginning and end of the annual conference, and during a special two-day meeting in May at the ELA headquarters. Members of the Executive Committee each serve a one-year term, and the remaining directors serve three-year terms.


2017 Officers

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Lynn Rossi Scott, J.D. - Brackett and Ellis, P.C., Fort Worth, TX -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Suzanne Eckes, J.D., Ph.D. - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice President

Wayne Haglund, J.D. - Haglund Law Firm, Lufkin, TX - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Immediate Past President

R. Craig Wood, Ed.D. - The University of Florida, Gainesville, FL -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Andrea Arthur, M.S. - School Administration Consultant, Cypress, TX

Joy Blanchard, Ph.D. - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

John Dayton, J.D., Ed.D. - University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Janet Decker, J.D., Ph.D. - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Joe Dryden, J.D., Ed.D. - Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, TX

Neal Hutchens, J.D., Ph.D. - University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS

Steve Permuth, Ed.D. - University of South Florida, Tampa, FL

Luke Stedrak, Ed.D. - Seton Hall University, East Orange, NJ

Lenford C. Sutton, Ph.D. - Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Regina Umpstead, J.D., Ph.D. - Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI


ELA Presidents 1955-2016 

(Positions held at the time of the presidents’ terms)

1955-56  Madaline Kinter Remmlein, National Education Association, VA

1957  Eugene S. Lawler, Florida State University, FL

1958-59  Reynolds C. Seitz, Marquette University, WI

1960  Edward C. Bolmeier, Duke University, NC

1961  Marion A. McGhehey, U.S. Office of Education, VA

1962  Walter L. Hetzel, Ames, Iowa, Schools, IA

1963  Marlin M. Volz, University of Louisville, KY

1964  Lloyd E. McCann, University of Arizona, AZ

1965  Lee O. Garber, University of Pennsylvania, PA

1966  Henry E. Butler, Jr., University of Rochester, NY

1967  E. Edmund Reutter, Jr., Columbia University, NY

1968  Martha L. Ware, National Education Association, VA

1969  Joseph E. Bryson, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC

1970  John Philip Linn, University of Denver, CO

1971  Manny S. Brown, Attorney at Law, Racine, WI

1972  Thomas A. Shannon, Deputy Superintendent and School Attorney, VA

1973  Roger M. Shaw, Kent State University, OH

1974  Robert E. Phay, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC

1975  M. Chester Nolte, University of Denver, CO

1976  Irving C. Evers, Attorney at Law, Hackensack, NJ

1977  August W. Steinhilber, National School Boards Association, MD

1978  Philip K. Piele, University of Oregon, OR

1979  Kelly Frels, Bracewell & Patterson, LLP,, TX

1980  Burton R. Shifman, Shifman & Goodman, PC, MI

1981  Floyd G. Delon, University of Missouri-Columbia, MO

1982  William F. Paton, Oconomowoc Public Schools, WI

1983  Ralph D. Stern, Whitmore & Kay, CA

1984  Dale Gaddy, National School Board Association, VA

1985  Martha M. McCarthy, Indiana University-Bloomington, IN

1986  John F. Lewis, Squire Sanders & Dempsey, OH

1987 D. Parker Young, University of Georgia-Athens, GA

1988  William C. Bednar, Jr., Eskew, Muir & Bednar, TX

1989  Marvyn D. Jaffe, Staples High School, CT

1990  Stephen B. Thomas, Kent State University, OH

1991  Joseph C. Beckham, Florida State University-Tallahassee, FL

1992  James C. Ullman, Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, AZ

1993  Steve W. Batson, West Virginia State College, WV

1994  Nelda Cambron-McCabe, Miami University of Ohio-Oxford, OH

1995  Ivan Gluckman, National Association of Secondary Schools, VA

1996  Perry A. Zirkel, Lehigh University, PA

1997  Richard Dickinson, Ohio School Boards Association, OH

1998  Jeffrey J. Horner, Bracewell & Patterson, LLP, TX

1999  Charles J. Russo, University of Dayton, OH

2000  Terrence Leas, Valley Community College, MN

2001  Ralph D. Mawdsley, Cleveland State University, OH

2002  R. Craig Wood, McGuire Woods LLP, VA

2003  Allan G. Osborne, Jr., Snug Harbor Community School, MA

2004  Philip T.K. Daniel, The Ohio State University, OH

2005  P. Tyson Bennett, Reese & Carney, LLP, MD

2006  Lois F. Berlin, Falls Church City Public Schools, VA

2007  M. David Alexander, Virginia Tech, VA

2008  Christopher P. Borreca, Bracewell & Patterson, LLP, TX

2009  Kathleen Crume, Academy School District 20, CO

2010  Brad Colwell, Bowling Green State University, OH

2011  Edwin C. Darden, Appleseed, VA

2012  Susan G. Clark, University of Akron, OH

2013  William E. Thro, University of Kentucky, KY

2014  Kenneth E. Lane, Southeastern Louisiana University, LA

2015  Patrick D. Pauken, Bowling Green State University, OH

2016  R. Craig Wood, University of Florida, FL

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